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HOME Mothers 6 Piece Candles to Jewelry Box Heart Shaped Soy Scented Candles Home Care/Gift Box Jasmine Coffee Rose Vanilla Lavender Cinnamon

  • SOY SCENTED candles that provide soy wax 100% pure and natural environmentally friendly and harmless.
  • NON CARBON MATERIAL candles smooth burning no cracks or burns in wax with 100% pure cotton wick.
  • CANDLES SCENT is CPL brand strong and non-irritating with a long lasting fragrance. Scented Candles have a unique color block, Caesar Brand, that does not influence the burning of the Candles and color is not effected for a long time
  • BENEFITS AND USAGE of the scents in the home are as follows.. Coffee- Kitchen fragrance Rose- Home fragrance Vanilla- Dining room and teens room Lavender- Aromatherapy and bathroom Cinnamon- Home indoor and outdoor nice scent that deters insects like wasps ,spiders and bed bugs etc. Jasmine- Great for the bedroom for those romantic moments
  • CANDLES CONVERT to Jewelry Box
Soy scented candles that convert to a beautiful jewelry box. This gift box includes 6 top scented candles that would be ideal for Realtors. Real estate agents.commercial real estate agents. Home rentals. Beauty salons and wedding gifts including brides maids and much much more.