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FURNITURE High-quality Multipurpose H-shaped computer desk 47 inch


1.Modern Design: Bring you a modern style desk suitable for any modern family.

2.Safety and environmental protection: the desktop board is 15 cm thickness of the P2 grade plate, in line with the United States plate standards, and with P2 plate inspection certificate. Desktop plate positive and negative color consistent, are tiger skin color, will not appear desktop reverse color inconsistent situation. With anti-slip, anti-scratch and easy to clean function.
 3, Strong design: The steel pipe of the table is 0.8 cm, wall thickness of the square tube of 30*30 and is equipped with two cable-stayed bars with high strength. The steel frame structure is stable, the steel frame is thick and stable and does not shake. There are two baffles outside the top two shelves to prevent books and other items from falling. Safety performance is better.
 4, bearing capacity: can bear 400 pounds, bearing capacity is strong, fully meet daily needs.
 5.Multi-functional design storage bags and headphones (schoolbag links) and tablet (mobile phone) placement: cloth bag with large space, removable hooks and flat grooves, large cloth bag can be used for more books, magazines and daily necessities, hooks can be used for schoolbags, headphones or other. Recessed grain length 29 cm, width :4.5 cm, can be used to place tablets, mobile phones and other supplies. A flat groove can meet your diverse office and entertainment needs.
 6.Sufficient Space :47.2"(Long) x 25.9"(Wide) x47.2"( High) Dimensions provide dimensional space to accommodate your laptop, PC, keyboards and thus accessories. Make sure you have enough space to work or study comfortably. Desktop height is 29.5 inches, with enough leg space for rest and storage. Includes adjustable horizontal foot pads that keep the table stable even on non-stomping floors.
 7, easy to clean: wooden desktop scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Make your life more enjoyable.
 8, Compact Design and Multifunctionality: The 4-storey storage rack design makes this table perfect for a small room with two mounting heights to choose from, either installing a computer case to store books and other items. Large items can also allow you to store books, hosts, office supplies and small equipment for easy use. And replaced the use of home office workstation space. It is a multifunctional workstation that integrates computer tables, bookcases and shelves. It is suitable for study, bedroom, living room and office, can use computer table, office workstation, study table, writing desk or game table.
 9.Easy to assemble: According to the clear installation manual, two people can complete the assembly in 10 minutes. The accessories and tools are well organized and can be selected quickly.
 10.After-sale worry-free: please have confidence in the quality of our goods. We will provide you with life-long after-sales service. Provide installation instructions and installation video, each package of accessories will be equipped with a spare screw, warehouse accessories are adequate. If you have any questions, please contact us, our professional customer service team will provide you with satisfaction