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FURNITURE COMPUTERS Modern Design L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk


1Material: stable steel frame structure, thick and thick steel frame, strong load-bearing force, stable without shaking, long service life

2Overall: This desk is made of powder coating, steel frame and oak wood, which is the first choice for home and office use.

3Style: This table is full of simple style, which will bring a modern atmosphere to any room.

4Large desk for office work: easy to study and work, not crowded, relaxed and good mood;

5Bring your own host tray: there is a mobile host tray under the computer desk, which is convenient to place the host and can be moved at will;

6Combined office desk: free combination, born for the team, improve visual familiarity, and create a good working atmosphere;

7Usage scenario: suitable for reading, writing, placing a desktop computer or laptop;

8Use environment: very suitable for corner space, it has enough leg room, can put the office chair neatly below. Part of the living area of a loft;

9Provide installation instructions and installation video via drop test (60 cm).